Everyday English - because everyone needs English. Everyday English - courses for everyone Where will your English take you?

Everyday English - because everyone needs English.

Everyday English for work, travel, social life, learning, relaxing and playing.

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Everyday English - courses for everyone

General English, Business English, Technical English, Conversation, Exams.

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Where will your English take you?

Start improving your English today.

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Learn new vocabulary for specific every day activities and practice it in a life-like situation. Learn how to speak in a bank in an English speaking country or what to ask for in a post office. Learn how to deal with medical emergencies or problems on holiday. Learn how to talk about food and wine in […]

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These lessons are set in a classroom-like environment and follow a formal structure, with specific learning goals. The lessons may follow a specific theme and aim to help you to improve your English grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation. If you have decided to take an exam, such as FCE, CAE or you need to pass an […]

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We can tailor specialist courses for people who need to learn how to use English for technical subjects or to improve their knowledge of English used in specific industries. These courses are designed according to the requirements of the student/s and may use a variety of materials from technical books, real life, or the students’ […]

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Everyday English is located in Vinohrady, Prague, near Jiriho z Podebrad metro station.

It is a five minute walk from the metro (green line A), or from the Jiriho z Podebrad tram stop (numbers 11 and 13), or a slightly longer walk from the Vinohradska Vodarna tram stop (numbers 10 and 16).

If you want to avoid public transport, it is a 20 minute downhill walk to the centre of Prague.

The school is located in the lower ground floor of the building.



Everyday English Overview

Everyday English is a small language school in Prague. We teach only English and offer many practical and theoretical courses to help students improve their English. Our practical courses help you to learn English in a non-classroom environment giving you the opportunity to practice your English in a real-life situation. Our theoretical courses help you to improve […]

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